The Everyday Cycle Supply Company is a wholesale distributor of bicycle components and accessories located in Cape Town South Africa. 

Our aim to provide "real" high quality bicycle components and accessories to these discerning  everyday cyclists who see cycling as far more than just racing. 

We feel that most other cycle component and accessory suppliers are far too race-centric; carbon fiber, electric shifting, full suspension, aero bars etc. These things don’t really enhance the enjoyment of cycling , are often not that durable or practical and are only really beneficial for sponsored, professional racing cyclists, not "real" everyday cyclists like us. 

People who cycle everyday (or almost everyday) still want a lightweight, fast, high quality bike. But unlike the pro racing cyclist, they need it to last for more than a season, be comfortable, practical and affordable. This is why we love modern high quality steel frames that have people smiling from the commute to the singletrack.




If you're an everyday cyclist or you own a bike store and you'd like more information on our products and pricing, please feel free to contact us.

We are the official South African distributors for The Merry Sales Company and SOMA Fabrications . In fact our name and much of what we do is inspired by SOMA's  "for the everyday cyclist" ideology.