Complete Bikes

Here are three drop bar build kits we've carefully curated for our most popular frames the Double Cross, Wolverine and the Saga.


Double Cross - All Road

Our Double Cross house-build, is built to be a durable, fast road bike that is capable on any road surface including gravel roads.

R 35 000,00


Wolverine - Adventure

Our Wolverine house-build, is built to be a dirt road adventure bike ideal for bike-packing and medium duty loaded touring.

R 35 000,00


Saga - Loaded Touring

Our Saga house-build, is built to take you on adventures all over the planet, It is purposely designed to ride better loaded up than naked.

R 35 000,00

Our current lead time for complete builds (from deposit paid to ready-to-deliver) is currently around 4-6 weeks.
Specs are subject to change without notice depending on component availability.
The build kits between these frames are interchangeable.

The photos above are not built to the same specification.
Please note that our quoted prices may vary by up to 10% depending on fluctuations in exchange rate and shipping costs during each order.