Our brands

IRD, Soma Fabrications, Yokozuna, Tange, Crane bells, Nitto, Sugino, Araya, MKS, SunXCD and Brooks England
are just a few of the great brands we have to offer.



IRD Interloc Racing Design (USA)

Quality components, design expertise and product development.  
Interloc Racing Design had its start in 1984. In the mid to late 80's it created components that have been considered on the forefront of mountain bike design. Mountain Bike Magazine called its products the "best of good old' American innovation and craftsmanship." The Interloc Design Group (IDG) is SOMA Fabrications parent company and does product development for Soma Fabrications and a few of the other brands listed here. 


SOMA Fabrications  (USA)

High quality handmade steel frames, components, tires, racks and accessories.
San Francisco based brand SOMA FABRICATIONS claims to serve the everyday cyclist.
And they are are delivering: From framesets to handlebars, to porteurs, stems, rims, etc. The brand offers nearly everything you need to build your adventure bike, commuter, fixed gear or touring bike.
SOMA FABRICATIONS stand for high quality, long lasting no-nonsense parts and components. Framesets like the multi-purpose WOLVERINE are quite popular these days and offer a wide range of build-up options. SOMA FABRICATIONS is dedicated to function, durability and quality. But they also keep aesthetics in mind: All SOMA FABRICATIONS products come in timeless, classy looks and finishes without following the latest fashion trends.


Yokozuna (Japan)

Pro-level brakes and brake components.
The makers behind the Yokozuna brand has had decades of experience subcontracting to the biggest drivetrain makers in the industry -- providing cable and housing products for their pro-level groups. Yokozuna's industry customers demand high-grade raw materials and strict quality control. After all these years of manufacturing at this level, the products they produce in their Japanese factory are top-notch, suitable for any pro cyclist. Yokozuna Performance Products were introduced in the USA in 2003 - first only to team and pro shop mechanics. In 2005 they  entered the consumer market, offering specialty high end brake components.


Tange (Japan)

High-tech heat treated steel tubing, forks and frame components.
Tange is one of the oldest and most distinguished names in the bicycle industry. Starting with fork production in 1920, Tange has applied experience and engineering to improve bicycle technology and performance. Tange pioneered methods for butting and heat treating chromium-molybdenum alloy steel bicycle tubing, manufacturing tubes that are still considered by many frame builders to be the zenith of strength, precision and workability. Today, they continue to build on more than 90 years in the bicycle industry, offering a range of components and frame parts in addition to tubing and forks, all made to their famous, exacting standards. All Soma forks are made by Tange and the frames are made with Tange tubing.


Crane bells (Japan)

Handmade Bells.
You won't find the Oska-based Crane Bell Co on instagram, Facebook, or twitter, they don't even have a website. They do however have 20-years of old fashioned marketing capital thanks to a celebrated history of solid Japanese craftsmanship and an incredible sound that has been said to bring tears of joy to even concert violinists.


Nitto (Japan)

Premium quality handlebars, stems, seat-posts and racks.
The Nitto stuff can end up being a bit pricy, but if you insist on the best, you won't find better handmade quality bicycle components  out there. Nitto’s motto is “Building fine quality bicycle products is our passion.” All products must be safe and functional in terms of their purpose and usage, yet beautiful and sturdy.  Nitto strives every day to bring joy to the world of cycling.  Nitto was founded in Tokyo in 1923. Nitto’s handlebars, handlebar stems and seat pillars for track races are certified for use in official Japanese KEIRIN races. Nitto has been the leader in bicycle components, both in terms of style and quality, for almost a century.


Suguino (Japan)

Pro-level drivetrain components.
Sugino has over a century of experience as a bicycle parts maker focusing on high-end parts.
Because of its reliable quality, Sugino also produces OEM parts for well-known complete bicycle makers.
Especially, its drive-train parts are chosen by many athletes in various competitions, such as Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, World Championship, Olympics, etc. and contribute their winnings.
Thus, with the know-how accumulated through its long experience, Sugino can offer higher-quality parts.


Araya (Japan)

High-end aluminium rims.
Araya Industrial has over a century of experience making bicycle rims. Their first rims were formed out of wood. Since then Araya has engineered rims using aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium, and stainless steel. They were most popular in the USA back in the 70's and 80's where they could be found on many higher quality road, MTB and BMX bikes. They left the USA and Europe in the late 80's. In Japan however, they continued to make rims and even produce their own line of Araya-branded bicycles.

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MKS (Japan)

Pro-level pedals.
MKS are the only pedal provider for professional KEIRIN athletes. 
MKS are Japans best pedal manufactures.  All MKS pedals feature silky smooth cartridge bearings, beautifully finished bodies and elegant designs. 


SunXCD (Formerly Suntour) (Japan)

Specialist touring and randonneuring components.
In 2012, Junzo Kawai, former President of SunTour Japan,  returned to bicycle component manufacturing with a new company called SunXCD, Junzo felt the time was right to re-enter the bicycle component business.  As he put it “the market is too race-centric;  carbon fiber, electric shifting, full suspension, 11 speed, doesn’t really enhance the enjoyment of cycling.  In the 1970’s and 80’s we cycled to be closer to nature, for the environment, for our health, for the simple beauty of cycling.”  For these reasons SunXCD will focus on touring and randonneuring components which were the focus of SunTour during its heyday. 

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Brooks  (England)

Everything Brooks manufacture is designed with the cyclist in mind, from their famous leather saddles, still handmade in England, to their wide range of backpacks, cycling bags, helmets, and accessories. As always, on or off the bike, their goal is to bring you the Best for Riding. 
Brooks have been making quality goods for their customers ever since their founder created the Brooks company in 1866. Today they remain committed to his legacy. His early blueprints and inspirational pursuit of innovation led to a wealth of quality, durable and beautiful products, so they preserve that spirit by combining the very best of modern technology with the timeless Brooks aesthetic. They still deliver the finest saddles and cycling accessories to their customers across the UK and beyond – even after all this time.

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The Soma Fabrications Shop

If you're  planning to do a custom bicycle build, accessorise or upgrade your current bicycle: visit the Soma Fab Shop, once you have found the items you're interested in, list them in our Enquiry form and we will send you an accurate landed price on any items you may want to buy.  Please note that our quoted prices may vary by up to 10% depending on fluctuations in exchange rate and shipping costs during each order.