Ozzie's Wolverine.

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Ozzie's Requirements

SWMBO (also known as Ma) and I, somewhere in our 40’s, have a child (His Lordship).
His Lordship gets older, and along the way he somehow masters the whole walking malarkey. It is, therefore, decided that he needs to learn how to ride a bicycle. Afterall it’s a rite of passage, like learning to swim or some other thing that I probably never did well. It’s also something the three children that preceded him were somehow able to do.
As there were no bicycles left in the household, because of theft and neglect, and being the loving and generous father and partner I am, I accept that we need some new bicycles. I buy the bicycle for His Lordship because “I know about these things”. SWMBO and I obtain two additional bikes on a joint shopping excursion where no money changes hands, because SWAMBO uses the sweeties / points the Bank give you when you spend money. One for SWAMBO (my intention being that she will actually be the one accompanying His Lordship on his riding endeavours), and one for yours truly (because I don’t like being left out).
Because I am lucky or because “I know about these things” His Lordships’ bike is fairly easy to maintain (single speed and made of stuff of slightly better quality than ¾ inch water pipe). The bikes that SWAMBO and I ride suck….. and I’m forever fettling the 3x7 gears, and trying tune the V-Brakes so that they don’t rub on the wobbling wheels.
I don’t know what triggered it, fettling them or riding them, but all of a sardine, I’m hooked (again) on this machine with two wheels. I fettle them, so I must test ride them. Whilst riding them I get relapses of the feelings / emotions I experienced as a “laaitie”. That man and machine thing  –in harmony with, freedom, adventure…..
I think cycling and bikes can make you humble because I start to realise and accept that I’m not a “laaitie” anymore, because I don’t just “gooi up the hill”, “pop a wheelie” like I used to, that I don’t have enough credits for heaven…….. I know, though, that I NEED and DESERVE more bicycles, and so I buy them.  One with an internal gear hub, because those things are cool and don’t need tuning. A single speed, because it will make me stronger and doesn’t need tuning. A fixie because I’m going to master that no freewheel thing……..
My pornographic needs are no longer satisfied by magazines like Yachting World, Wooden Boat, Fine Woodworking, Popular Woodworking…... I consume more and more content about bicycles, discover the guru Sheldon Brown and eventually, through osmosis I guess, and pissing off the oaks in bike shops, I become fairly well informed about the science of bicycles. I also ride these two wheeled things, but probably not enough / far enough to not get left behind by the group.
As happens to me often, I get an idea from nowhere, and over a period of time it influences what I read, it brews, it stews, it gets refined. I had one such idea, and once distilled in my head was vocal. It said to me - find a steel frame, one that is an adaptable platform for your inevitable experimentation (add a goats body part with 11-42 in case you need to carry a case of beer up that hill), one that can take wide tyres (they are faster, more comfortable…)…………………..get a Soma Wolverine, and so I did.
I could tell you that - I did not need or deserve a frame of Soma quality; I don’t ride enough; I still don’t have enough credits for heaven (that’s why I have a MIPS helmet); the product of my loins (His Lordship), who was the cause of the journey described above, is not exactly what you call a whiz on a bicycle; there is some merit to SWAMBO’s questions regarding why I have so many bicycles, or why “that black one” has to live where we “chow”; life is not fair; yes, you must wear sunscreen….…., but I’m not going to.
I’m neither going to blow smoke up the chamois area of the Everyday guys, because you either know they are deserving thereof, or you need to find that out for yourself.
What I can tell you is the specification of the bike as depicted in the picture, so here goes:


Frame:  SOMA Wolverine frame set, Frame size 52. With steel thru-axle fork. Comes in eight sizes, in increments of 20mm / no brainer compared to main stream manufacturers S,M,L & XL options because it is a lot easier to obtain the frame that suits your preferred stem length (short MTB style / long road orientated…) / bar type (drops / straight) (straight generally requires a longer frame) / your “Ape Factor” etc…

Tyres:  Soma Cazadero700x42c

Wheels:  Araya DS-700 (Araya 19mm internal aluminium rim / Suze hubs)  Front  15mm thru-axle  Rear 12mm QR with 10/11 speed cassette 

Headset:  IRD Technoglide 1 1/8Threadless headset.

Stem:  Soma Shotwell - 100mm

Bars:  Soma Condor – Medium (have also used Soma Junebug with high stem and less reach)

Shifters:  Shimano 105, 5800  (11spd).

Brakes:  Yokozuna Motoko cable actuated hydraulic disk.

Front Derailleur:  Shimano 105, 5800.

Rear Derailleur:  Shimano 105, 5800  (11spd).

Crank:  Shimano 105, 5800. 50/34

Pedals:  Ryder dual (SPD / Flat)

Bottom Bracket:  Sugino MB-608-II.

Cassette:  Shimano 105, 5800  (11spd) 11-32 

Seatpost:  Soma layback seatpost with Soma Bolo seat clamp.

Saddle:  Soma Tabo.

Weight:  12,38kg as pictured.


Bottle cages:  Tanaka stainless steel.