Soma frames

 SOMA have always been about practical bikes. While other makers spend most of their brain power on wind tunnels, suspension technology, or how to make something crazy light,  SOMA look at the bike’s utilitarian beauty and come up with efficient, comfortable-riding and stylish solutions that don’t diminish the bike's utilitarian beauty. 

The frames are all name brand high-tech steel instead of harsh riding aluminium. Hand-welded in Taiwan, not robot-welded. Please note most big bike makers have moved most of their production to mainland China, which does not yet match the quality of Taiwan. Because of continued investment over the decades, Taiwan probably has the most impressive infrastructure for bicycle and bicycle parts manufacturing of any country.
Other factors that set SOMA frames apart from mass production bikes: They are not mass production. While others may make 5000-15,000 units of a single model in a year, SOMA will make only 200-300. A large size range so taller/shorter riders are not neglected. With size specific rakes on forks. Low-key graphics that don’t make you feel like you are riding a billboard.


Wolverine ( Monster-Cross/Adventure )

The original inspiration for the Wolverine was "monster cross", but it is seriously so much more. Its geometry is stable enough for off road touring, but sporty enough for all-around adventure. With its Tange/IRD Sliding Dropouts, you can turn it into a single-speed CX bike. With a split seatstay, it is compatible with the Gates Carbon Belt Drive. 

  • Colour: Pumpkin Orange or  Kingsford Matte Black. (Matching aluminum fenders available as an option)
  • Max.Tire Fit: 700x45c tires w/ fenders.

Double Cross ( Cyclo-Cross/all-rounder )

A great do-all frame. Ready for cyclo-cross, trail-riding, commuting and loaded touring. The Double Cross Disc is disc brake-specific. It also comes in a wide range of sizes to fit you right - up to 66cm!

  • Colour: Sky silver. (Matching aluminum fenders available as an option)
  • Max.Tire Fit: 700x45c tires (40c w/fenders)

Teresie's Saga.jpg

SAGA DC FRAME SET (Disc/Canti) ( Fully loaded touring )

The robust Saga frame set is designed to excel at long distance loaded touring. This latest revision offers sizing up to a huge 66cm and gives you the freedom to run disc brakes or rim brakes.Specially chosen Tange Prestige heat-treated CrMo tubing; 31.8mm butted downtube and top tube for a stiffer front triangle. Larger frames have slightly thicker gauge tubing. Bombproof headtube is nearly impossible to ovalize. Longer chainstays and lower BB add stability and keep the panniers out of the way of your heels. Geometry puts the rider in a semi-upright position that is better for all-day riding.

  • Colour: Cobalt Blue (Matching aluminum fenders available as an option)
  • Max. tire fit: 26" x 2.0; 700c x 47mm

Juice  ( Mountain Cross country 29er )

Soma juice in old Hindu scripture is an intoxicating drink, a drink of the gods. And since its introduction, our Juice has intoxicated many new riders into loving the 29er wheel platform. The CrMo tubes offer a lively ride. The geometry is very stable at speed and lets you carve corners with confidence. Tons of fun.  The Juice is also available in a belt-drive compatible version.

  • Colour: Baja Blue.
  • Max tire fit: 29" x 2.5"

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.21.29 AM.png

Valhallen ( All Mountain/Adventure 27.5+)  

While most of Soma frames have been designed for multi-use and with thought to backwards compatibility with legacy technology, the Valhallen is a thoroughly modern hardtail built only to exceed at fun on the trails. A long and slack geometry matched with plus sized tires means riders can a wider variety of terrain with control and confidence.

  • Colour:  Candy Apple Green or Hyper Grey Metallic
  • Max tire fit: 27.5+ x 3.25" for enhanced traction and control

B-side  ( Mountain technical 650b)

27.5" (or 650b) is the tire size halfway in-between the more common 26" and 29" MTB tires. 650b tires roll over obstacles better and are more stable at speed than a 26" wheel and are lighter weight than 29er wheels. 27.5" bikes also have less of the unwieldy feel some riders feel 29ers have. Our 3rd generation B-Side has a slightly slacker geometry. Still great for XC trail riding, but more controllable when things get fast. Snazzy Tange/IRD Sliding Dropouts allow you to go single-speed or geared. 
The B-Side is also available in a belt-drive compatible version.

  • Colour: Pumpkin Orange
  • Max tire fit: 650b 1.95 - 2.4”

Sandworm  ( Mountain, snow, sand, Fat Bike )

The Sandworm can tame winter slush or dune buggy trails, but with its geometry borrowed mostly from our Juice frame, it is going to feel most at home conquering dirt trails. 
 Belt-drive compatible. A split in the right seat-stay lets you slip on a Gates Carbon belt.

  • Colour: Melange Blue  or Kingsford Black Matte
  • Maximum tire fit: 26 x 4.0", 27.5 x 3.5", 29 x 3.0" (Panaracer Fat B Nimble 26 x 4.0 on an 80mm rim) 

Fog cutter  ( Road Sport/Road Endurance )

The Fog Cutter is an endurance road/road sport design. We designed it to fit fatter tires, but the frame angles are more road bike than CX or gravel bike. It can float you over chewed up asphalt better than most bikes in this category. This is the frame you want for long days in the saddle and the most demanding commutes. 

  • Colour: Rosso Red. (Matching aluminum fenders available as an option)
  • Max.Tire Fit: 700c x 42mm (38mm with fenders)

Smoothie  ( Road Race )

The Smoothie road race frame is agile and responsive. Excellent for stage races and competitive club rides. But also comfortable enough for daily commutes and charity rides. The semi-compact geometry allows for more standover clearance and fitting options, but we don't cheat you by only offering 4 sizes. New 66cm size for 2016!  

  • Colour: Slick Black. 
  • Max.Tire Fit: 700c x 28c

ES- Extra Smooth  ( Road Sport/Road Endurance)

The "ES" means 'extra smooth.' It might not be as quick handling as our Smoothie or other dedicated race frames, but it is still quite fast and you'll actually gain valuable stability on speedy descents and the ability to fit wider tires. An ideal choice for multi-day charity rides, centuries, credit card touring and fast commuting. For 2016, we have shaved the number of sizes a little, but have kept the hard to find 66cm size.

  • Colour: Pacific Blue. (Matching aluminum fenders available as an option)
  • Max.Tire Fit: 32c tires with fenders.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.33.54 AM.png

Stanyan ’18 FRAME SET  ( Classic luged road sport )

The Stanyan is a road sport frame set constructed with traditional investment cast lugs. The original Stanyan had a threadless fork. This new version has 1" threaded fork, so you can adorn it with a quill stem and easily build a bike that can mix it up at the L'Eroica events. Provisions for a rack and fenders and clearance for 35c tires makes this a great choices for centuries, light tours and multi-day charity rides.

  • Colour: Pearl White or Gloss Graphite (Matching aluminum fenders available as an option)
  • Max.Tire Fit:700x28c tires with fenders; fits some 35c tires without.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.44.23 AM.png

Pescadero FRAME SET  ( All road - non disc )

The Pescadero is an evolutionary hop and sidestep in the traditional road sport/endurance road frame. Most of the new "all-road" bikes embracing wider tires are automatically going to disc brakes. And disc brakes are effective technology that we also adopt on other Soma frames. But what about those who want the benefits of wider road tires, but want the clean, classic look of a road caliper brakes or just prefer their familiarity? Or how about those who have recurring nightmares of getting branded by a hot brake rotor. The Pescadero has these souls in mind.

  • Colour:  Colonial Blue (Matching aluminum fenders available as an option)
  • Max.Tire Fit:700 x 40mm

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.02.46 AM.png

Grand Randonneur FRAME SET (V.2)  ( Randonneuring )

Our Grand Randonneur is a true low trail geometry randonneuring frame set, which means it rides better with a front load than other touring and road bikes. Co-designed with Mike Kone of Rene Herse/Boulder Bicycles. It will fit all the gadgets a good rando bike should have. The traditional diameter tubes lend a smooth comfortable ride.

  • Colour:  White (Matching aluminum fenders available as an option)
  • Max.Tire Fit:650 x 42mm slick tires w/fenders 

Rush  ( Track )

The Rush has a swift geometry and stiff chassis, but the smooth riding blend of lightweight chromoly tubes makes it at home on chewed-up asphalt as much as the velodrome.
The current iteration has side-tacked seatstays and S-bend chainstays for more crank clearance and tire clearance. To cap off its more vintage Keirin-inspired look, we are matching the Rush with a threaded fork to allow you to equip it with a clean-looking quill stem.

  • Colour: Gloss Graphite.
  • Max. tire fit: 32c (w/o brakes)

Buena Vista  ( Mixtie )

A true mixte frame with the double top tube/stays. Obviously offers lots of standover height and style as well. You'll find the geometry is more sporty, than upright-comfy. Though it can be built up to suit either demeanor. Drop bars? Sure. Moustache bars? Of course.

  • Colour: Tiburon Blue. (Matching aluminum fenders available as an option)
  • Max. tire fit: 700c 33c (28c with fenders) or 650b 38c with fenders. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.10.51 AM.png


Your little speed demon– boy or girl – will be dazzled by this chrome plated beast. Just as you (or your LBS) can build a Smoothie frame into your perfect road machine, you can now build a custom bike for your kids. The Bart is very close in quality to the adult Soma's using investment cast fork lug and dropouts, not stamped/extruded bits you find on many kid's bikes and TIG'd welds. 

  • Colour: Chrome-plated
  • Max. tire fit: 20" x 32 to 35mm

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.17.04 AM.png


Train your little gal to be the princess of the peloton. Just as you (or your LBS) can build a Smoothie frame into your perfect road machine, you can now custom build a bike for your kids. The Lisa is very close in quality to the adult Soma's using investment cast fork lug and dropouts, not stamped/extruded bits you find on many kid's bikes and cleanly TIG'd welds. 

  • Colour: Pink
  • Max. tire fit: 20" x 32 to 35mm

The Pick-up Artist (Complete cargo bicycle)

WIRE Magazine called it "the best-named cargo bike ever", but there is much more going for the Pick-Up Artist than its name.
This is a great option to consider if you are looking for a little more hauling capacity than the Tradesman and you don't want to piece together parts for a frame. The PUA is a complete bike.

  • Colour: Black.