Adventure Cycling.

We believe that the most fun you can  have with your bike is when you're out on little adventures: whether it's taking a long way home,
discovering a new trail or packing your bags and going out for night or more.
We have a facebook group called S24o Bicycle Microadventures, the idea of this group is for friends to get together and organise regular overnight bike camping trips.
Please feel free to join the group and hopefully we'll meet you on an adventure sometime soon.

Here are some of our adventure stories:


The Joys of Microadventures

Or "S24o's"


Bike Camping at Millers Point

A campsite near Simon's Town.


Chasing the Sunset to Ganzekraal

A campsite 60km up the west Coast from Cape Town,


Karoo to Kleinbaai

A 6 day adventure with 6 friends.


Train and bike to Tweede Tol

A beautiful campsite in the Limietberg Nature Reserve


Hell bent for Leisure

A trip to De Hel & back.


Southern Campout

Our annual spring Southern Campout event