S24o Bicycle Microadventures


 The most fun we have with our bikes is during overnight bike-camping trips.
Grant Petersen of Rivendell bikes calls them "S240s" or Sub-24-hour Overnight bicycle microdventures. We usually set off in the afternoon or evening  and get back the following morning. We meet up at a pre-arranged spot with our loaded  bikes and after between one and four hours of riding we settle for the night usually at a local campsite. The great thing about the S24o is  that it's not too much of a commitment and no big deal if you forget something or if the weather turns bad, it's ok, because everything will be back to normal tomorrow. The best ones are with good company. Usually between two and twelve people.  For this reason we have a S24o Facebook group, the idea of this group is for friends to get together and organise regular S24os. Please feel free to join the group if you'd like to join us sometime.